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DPIS IPB mengucapkan selamat dan sukses atas produktivitas civitas IPB dalam menghasilkan publikasi pada jurnal terindeks SCOPUS periode 23-30 Juni 2022.  Berikut daftarnya:


Effect of pasteurisation and foaming temperature on the physicochemical and foaming properties of nano-filtered mineral acid whey

Purwanti, N., Hogan, S.A., Maidannyk, V.A., Mulcahy, S., Murphy, E.G.
International Dairy Journal

Effect of Different Hydrothermal Temperatures on the Properties on Nano-Silica (SiO2) of Rice Husk

Irzaman, Irmansyah, Aisyah, S., Har, N.P., Aminullah
International Journal of Renewable Energy Development

Defining population socio-economic characteristics, hazard knowledge and risk perception: The adaptive capacity to persistent volcanic threats from Semeru, Indonesia

Thouret, J.-C., Wavelet, E., Taillandier, M., Tjahjono, B., Jenkins, S.F., Azzaoui, N., Santoni, O.
International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction

Modelling supply chain risks and their impacts on the performance of the sago starch agro-industry

Anwar, S., Djatna, T., Sukardi, Suryadarma, P.
International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management

Phylogenetic and morphological characteristics of Uromycladium falcatariae, the fungal pathogen that causes gall rust epidemics of Falcataria moluccana in Indonesia

Lelana, N.E., Wiyono, S., Giyanto, Siregar, I.Z., Anggraeni, I.
Journal of Phytopathology

Competitiveness of swamp rice against Echinochloa crus-galli and Monochoria vaginalis weeds

Sujinah, Guntoro, D., Sugiyanta
Australian Journal of Crop Science

Fermented black rice bran extract inhibit colon cancer proliferation in WiDr cell lines

Safrida, Budijanto, S., Nuraida, L., Priosoeryanto, B.P., Saepuloh, U., Marya, S.S., Ardiansyah, Shirakawa, H.
Food Science and Technology (Brazil)

A Simple Explanation on The Nobility of Gold Comparing to Other Metals: A First-Principles Study

Kristianto, E.O., Masan, S.E.P.P., Prabowo, W.A.E., Rusydi, F., Iqbal, M., Irzaman, Nugroho, W.S.
International Journal of Integrated Engineering

Vulnerability of Primary Productivity and Its Carbon Use Efficiency to Unfavorable Climatic Conditions in Jambi Province, Indonesia

Ma’rufah, U., June, T., Ali, A.A., Faqih, A., Koesmaryono, Y., Stiegler, C., Knohl, A.
Journal of Mathematical and Fundamental Sciences  

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